Wooden Rails

Hang your Fine Art Print, Engineer print, or other piece of art without damaging your print. These finished oak rails hold your print through the power of magnets, and hold onto your wall with a waxed cotton string.

Check out the available wooden rail sizes, cost, and items that go great with those rails. 

  • 12” Rails- $20 (temporarily out of stock)

  • 16” Rails- $25

  • 20” Rails- $30

  • 36” Rails- $40 (temporarily out of stock)

  • 48” Rails-$60 (temporarily out of stock)

  • Natural finished oak

  • Display any print in seconds

    • For prints that ship rolled (engineer or fine art prints), let them rest flat overnight before hanging. Sometimes the curled edges can make it hard to hang.

  • Black cord on one of the rails for hanging

  • 3/4th of an inch square (front and back pieces)

  • Just one piece is 3/8ths wide by 3/4" tall

  • Secured with magnets, no screws

  • Will securely hold posters but not cardboard
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