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Square Prints

Get your Instagrams off your phone and onto lush matte paper with Parabo's Square Prints! Your 20 best shots are display ready with a crisp white border and paper thick enough to prop or pin anywhere.

  • 4” default size or optional 5.5” upgrade

  • The first set of 4” squares are free and each additional set is $5. Optional 5.5” size upgrade for $12 for 20 prints, and 45 cents for each additional print.

    • To Upgrade from 4" to 5.5" prints: Once you've selected your prints and hit "add to cart", the options page will pop up on the iOS app. Be sure to toggle the button to Super Size your prints if you want the 5.5" option

    • Warning: Once you upgrade sizes, you can't revert back to 4"

  • 20 prints, all square

  • 0.25” border on all sides

    • New Borderless option available! Toggle border/borderless option before adding prints to your shopping cart

  • Blank on reverse side (no double sided, sorry!)

  • Printed on Extra thick, chlorine free, matte paper, 352 GSM or 120#

  • Recommended Size: 1-3 mb per image from your phone or DSLR

  • File type: JPEG only

  • Laser Jet

  • Pairs well with:

  • How to display: