Metal Print

Paper prints don’t have the same back-lit look as photos on your phone - that’s where Metal Prints come in! Photos are printed on a reflective metal surface show off extra clear, vibrant colors. We use fade-proof inks and add a scratch and water resistant, matte finish.

  • 6” square print 

    • 6"x6”- $25

    • 8"x8"- $30 (currently sold out)

  • Frosted acrylic stand included

    • 6” long by 3” wide and 5/16” deep.  The slot is about 2/16” wide (just a touch under).

  • Display ready and great for gifting

  • Print is about 1/16” thick

  • Not magnetic

  • Great for DSLR images or Instagram prints

  • Recommended Size: 1-3 mb per image from your phone or DSLR
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