How do I redeem my credits? | Parabo

How do I redeem my credits?

Just go to "More" then "Refer a Friend" to see the amount earned.  The amount will be automatically applied to your next order.

You won't receive your referral credit until your friend has received their order.

Referral codes are to be shared with first time Parabo users only and do not apply to folks who have already used the app or website. Time to spread the word about Parabo to your friends and family and build up Parabo credit. Yay!

Referral credit does not apply to shipping, gift cards, Book Pass, Parabo Box, and can not be used on free or $0 products like 4" squares or 5" softcover book.

Credits earned from your web account can be used by ordering on the website only. Credits earned from the app can be used by ordering from the app only. Web and app accounts are not synced at this time.