Book Pass

Parabo’s Book Pass was made to save you money on softcover photo books! Well, you or any of the photo book lovers in your life. Book Pass is here to save you cash on your Photo Book making, without locking you into a schedule or subscription charges. Simply pay up front for a stack of books (3, 6 or 12), and we’ll send you a Book Pass code via email. When you’re ready to order a book, just use your Book Pass code!  We’ll print and ship them out whenever you’re ready for them.

Our 5.5” Softcovers are free, BUT shipping starts at $8 each, so buying a Book Pass will save you moola, since shipping is included in the price of the pass. We’ll use our Economy Shipping for books purchased with a Book Pass, unless you choose to upgrade at the time you order each book.

Gifting Book Pass? Amazing! Book Pass make the best gifts.  Your giftees will appreciate the chance to make their very own books - at any pace they please.

More good news- Book Pass codes never expires!

Looking to order a Linen book, Hardcover book or Zine? Just email us with your book pass code and let us know so we can adjust your code to apply to those books. You’ll just pay the difference.

We love Book Pass so much that it has it’s very own site and FAQ. Check it out here.

Note: Book Pass codes are designed to be used one at a time, over multiple orders. If you prefer to make and order all your books at once, just email us with your book pass code and we'd love to help you out!